About New Arts Foundry

The New Arts Foundry is a full service fine arts foundry dedicated to quality and personal service. It has been this commitment to quality and service that over the past 30 years has been the hallmark of the New Arts Foundry.

Our involvement in the projects vary from simply producing the castings, to being responsible for the work in its entirety. From conception to installation. Located in north central Baltimore at 1401 Clipper Heights Avenue, New Arts Foundry occupies eight thousand plus square feet of production space. With a staff of twenty, New Arts Foundry produces hundreds of castings each year for both artists, and architects. New Arts Foundry has a customer list of sculptors, architects, and institutions that number over six hundred.

Though the metal of choice at New Arts Foundry is bronze, some projects have required other materials ranging from stainless steel to cast iron and aluminum, to cast stone and plaster.

Though the customer and castings may be many, each job is still approached with quality and caring to bring you the “Best In Bronze”.